I have been wandering around Ireland for the last 15 years in search of the country’s most beautiful trees. I find most of them alone in their field, protected by an ancient stone wall, at the end of an unmarked road. Photographing a tree sometimes only takes a few minutes of time. But finding the perfect tree takes weeks of patience and diesel. If you know the location of a lonely specimen like the ones you see at www.lonelytree.ie and would like to help, please get in touch with me. In exchange for the information, I’ll send you an A2 size print of any of the pictures you see on my website, or a special photograph of the tree you’re pointing me towards. And if I am able to finally publish a book, I’ll be sure to add your name in the acknowledgements section. Thank you for visiting my website!

My telephone number in Ireland is 0873573709

If you're calling from the United States, you can ring me at (570) 360-9922

My email address is john@nikolai.com

If you have any questions about the images you see or the guy who made them, please get in touch.  

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